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Mohair is an extremely precious textile fibre, obtained from Angora goat’s fur. This is an animal species of Turkish origin, whose name comes from that one of the ancient Ankara city. The word “mohair” comes from the Arabic term “mukhayyar” and means “choice”.

Angora goat, native of particularly moist zones, has naturally developed an extremely compact, malleable and waterproof fleece, adapt both for winter and summer clothing. The particular feature of Mohair, besides its brightness, is the “nervous attitude”, that makes it the most elastic and resistant natural fibre, right for the manufacturing of crease-resistant clothing. Mohair can be easily coloured in a long-lasting and uniform manner. This feature makes it possible to produce clothing in colours that are totally different from the original ones, such as milky, brown, rose-coloured and black.

Female sheep produces wool of higher quality than that one produced by male sheep, but the finest and most refined product is definitely the “Kid mohair”, derived from the wool of six-month kids. This last one is a slimmer and silkier yarn and assures the maximum of freshness.