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Alpaca Whool

The Alpaca’s fibre derives from the fur of the namesake animal belonging to the camelids family native of Peruvian Andes. This fur is used in the manufacture of Alpaca fabrics and yarn. The yarn obtained from this animal fur is rather rough. Widely used in the textile industry, it is chosen to manufacture carpets, fur coats, hats, jackets, blankets, but also to be mixed with cotton. Alpaca fibre could also refer to a fabric made up of cotton and Alpaca wool or sheep wool perfect for lining and light clothing.

Alpaca fur is a very precious fur, shorter and less bright than Mohair, but likewise a very voluminous fur, especially in the case of “baby Alpaca”, that is the first shearing fur. It makes it possible to obtain very light, but at the same time very warm clothing. In nature, it is available in different tonalities, from beige to dark brown and grey. Alpaca fibre is three times more resistant, seven times warmer and softer than sheep wool. It is also appreciated for its thermal properties, its lightness and its silky properties.