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The story of the company starts in the early years of the XX Century when Maria Linfozzi, a young and ambitious entrepreneur, began working the straw and created her first hats. It was a hard time, full of transformation, the years of Italy at that time, but the strong will to emerge gave a decisive push to the growth of the business. In the following years, a determined and steady progression has let the company successfully set itself within a fast growing market, thanks to undisputed quality and competence, two real aces in the pack which will prove to be prideful.

Then, in 1980, the turning point. The new corporate image arises, the modern side of Calimar. A response to the new needs of a market which, in the meantime, has become more competitive and fast-moving. An accurate attention to the evolution of fashion and society, accompanied by the need to expand distribution over several parts of the world, confronting with new realities. Basically, this is the story of many Italian firms. But, to us, this is our story. A really long bowless thread which has been telling the same story for over a century, with the same spirit, while making its content better day by day.

You have to see everything you have not seen, to see again what you have already seen, to see in springtime what you have already seen in summertime, to see in daylight what you have seen in the dark, to see with sunshine the place where the first time it was raining, to see the green harvest, the ripe fruit, the stone that changed its place, the shadow that was not there. You have to retrace your steps, with the aim to repeat them and to trace alongside them new paths. (Josè Saramago)

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